I’m so sorry to announce, but due to the announcement this evening with immediate effect any appointments that have been made in 2021 (with the exception of wedding dates) will be cancelled.

Everybody will be placed on our Priority list who has already been booked in, if you are a regular guest then please message us if you have NOT got an appointment but would like to be placed on our priority list.

Unfortunately due to staff shortages and making the salon as safe as we possibly can, we will not be taking on any new guests when we reopen. (New guests that had an appointment/consultation prior to Tier 4 restrictions will be on our priority list)

If you are a new guest, please contact @beatricemundayhair who will of course try her best to fit you in when we reopen

On the bright side, because I know how much you all loved it through the first lockdown.. Who’s ready to see all of these tutorials been done again & what would you like to learn?

Thankyou for all of your continued love and support, I promise I will work hard once again through Lockdown 3.0 and the Sophie Amelia Girl Gang will see you on the other side